Our Process

How We Get the Perfect Cup to You!
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Our coffee is roasted enhancing its unique, natural flavor, bringing you the best selections from around the world.


Our coffee is roasted, packaged and immediately sent to your front door.


Our beans are roasted to perfection in state of the art equipment.


We carefully select our coffee beans directly from coffee farmers to ensure the best quality beans for your morning cup.

From the Farm

It starts with the beans. Our coffee is only as good as the beans, and Go Ye Coffee Co. uses the world’s best green coffee: 100% Arabica coffee beans. Our coffee is sourced from small farms or co-ops. Go Ye Coffee Co. is dedicated to closing the gap between you and the farmer.

To the Cup

We are committed to providing you with outstanding products and services. We strive for your complete and simple satisfaction.

To the people

It’s not just about coffee; it’s about the gospel. Your order supports missions around the world. We will give $2 to selected missionaries we know who are sharing the gospel in other countries.